First row — Attic Windows Twin Quilt

I’m finally able to see progress in this first of two quilts I’m making for our son’s girlfriend’s granddaughters. I started the project last Fall and am seeing the first true progress. All of my blocks for the first quilt have been cut and sewn; the sashing fabric has been purchased and cut; and the first row of blocks has just been stitched and pressed. Whoo hoo! I like it and am sure the granddaughter will love it.

First Row a First Row a2

Sometimes it’s hard to visualize a quilt until you get part of it completed. I’ll use a wider border all around this and a contrasting color for the binding. It’s going to be good…

Yesterday had a bad moment in it… I had gone to the local grocery store to do a bit of shopping, and I’d just got into the car to leave when a yellow truck started backing into the space next to me — except they were backing in from the wrong direction and were aimed at my car door and front fender! I laid on the horn and they finally stopped, pulled out, and then backed up again! I honked again and they finally got it corrected and backed in. Horrible… the driver got out and sheepishly smiled at me and made a motion like a wave. I continued to back out and was in the lane of traffic when a car from across the aisle begins backing out. I stopped and honked my horn but they kept on coming. They hit me in the rear quarter panel, right behind the tire. I shut my car’s engine off, leaving it sit in the aisle while I went to talk to the driver of the other car. Long story short, they’re elderly (aren’t we all down here in Arizona??) and they’re from Minnesota. He was driving and has Parkinson’s (should possibly not be driving anymore). I exchanged information with his wife and as we’re doing this, one of the store’s clerks walks up and asks me to move my car because people are backing up in the aisle and they’re getting upset. I turn to him and say very politely, “They’re going to have to get in line. We’re almost finished here and I’ll move the car when we’re done.” He patted my arm, smiled and walked away.

Once I’d slept on it, this morning I decided I’d call the couple and see if they wanted to handle it outside of their insurance. They did, so I found a recommendation for an auto body shop, took it in and talked to the shop owner about the damage. To truly fix the damage would cost $1,000 give or take, and I told him I felt that would be hard for this couple. He offered to see if he could take out some of the marks with rubbing compound and we’d be able to better evaluate the damage. He did, and as we stood there looking at it, I told him I was going to just let it go. My car is 14 years old and it deserves some ‘scars’ for its 200K+ miles of use. When I called the couple, the woman was overjoyed and thanked me profusely. A couple of minutes after I’d hung up the phone, the phone rang and it was the husband, thanking me for not pursuing getting my car fixed. I told him it was o.k. and to take care.

To me, life is like a circle — we not only come in contact with others as we make our way around the circle of life, but whatever we do will ultimately come back to us in the future, whether it’s a positive or a negative thing.

Blessings to you — be safe, be well, and please be happy.
Carol Westover, Moderator


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  1. Oh, Carol, I was so touched by your story about your dented car. I guess you were destined to get hit that day! How nice you were about it, though. I love what you’re making for the little girl. Hope you’re having a great winter in Arizona. I’m envying your warm days here in TN.

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