Christmas with the Secret Santa Swap

Once more, I’ve been neglecting to keep in touch, but this morning, the urge to share news has hit, so here I am. This is going to be a long post!

A couple of months ago, I joined a Secret Santa swap by Kelly Hauser, I learned about Hauser from my quilting friend in Tehachapi, who selected Hauser as the source for our next round of Block of the Month quilt blocks. I haven’t been all that faithful in creating the blocks, but I have the patterns so will one day take the time to make them into a very nice quilt. But I digress…

When I joined the SSS (Secret Santa Swap), I completed a questionnaire that told a bit about me, my sewing machine, my likes and dislikes. There was a set limit to the amount of money to be spent on the recipient, and a rule that said the 12th day gift had to be made by me. I was among the first to get my box of gifts shipped off to my SSS partner. Then came the wait for the 12th of December, when I could open my first gift. DH and I had already opened the shipping box and pulled out the presents–replacing them in the box in reverse numerical order, so the first one would be right on top, with each succeeding day ready to be taken out and opened. Here’s the posts from the first two gifts:

On the First day of Christmas my Secret Santa gave to me — a Fabric Fairie! I just love her! All chuckles and giddy with delight. Thank you to my Secret Santa. I will treasure her always. I thought she was an angel … she’s actually a Fairie, and perhaps she will bring me lots of beautiful fabrics!

Fabric Faerie 12122014

My 2nd Day of Christmas brought me two fabric bowls!! My quilting friend in Tehachapi has been making a variation of these for her family’s Christmas presents. I love the colors of these bowls and will think of my Secret Santa each time they are used! Thank you Secret Santa! You know me well!

Day 2 Santa Swap

Day 3 — My husband couldn’t wait for me to open my 3rd gift this morning! LOL He’s enjoying this just as much as I am. So, without further ado, “On the 3rd Day of Christmas my Secret Santa gave to me…” Starbuck’s Columbian (my favorite type of coffee), a Snowman mug and a mug rug to set my cup on! Whoo hoo! Ah me… had I opened my gift before my husband put on the coffee this morning, I could have had some really nice coffee in my brand new mug and set it on my Snowman mug rug. Thank you Secret Santa–you’re the best!

Day 3 Santa Swap

I’m so very blessed in this life, and I’m eternally grateful for each blessing. I’m glad I decided to participate in this swap and hope that my partner is enjoying what I’ve chosen for her Christmas gifts as much as I’ve enjoyed what I’ve received. We have nine more day to go, so I know this will be one of my most fondly remembered Christmases!!

May you be blessed as I have been. Be safe, be well, and please be happy.